Artichokes and lesser calamint quiche

When I invite someone to dinner, or simply for my everyday life when I don’t have too much time, I love to create something simple and yet really good. This pie is one perfect example. One day I just needed to use the artichokes I cooked a couple of days before, and was looking for some ideas. Suddenly I opened the fridge and find a packet of puff pastry, so in one minute I had this idea to mix a very french dish like a quiche, with a truly roman dish like stir fry artichokes with mint.
In less then 20 minutes I had this incredible dish, that is perfectly balanced with proteins, vegetables and carbs. It’s perfect for a sunday brunch, or for a party.

Obviously you can use the vegetables you like the most or, even better, you can use leftovers, it’s good also with meat, sausage or bacon.


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