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I’m Elisa and I was born in Rome, I’ve learn how to cook when I was a little girl. I used to help my mother on sundays, and fell instantly in love with cooking. I remember when I came back from the daycare, I used to make little appetizers for my mom, and I loved to serve them on a plate well presented. Now that I’m grown up, I’ve learned professional techniques, tricks from friends and siblings and develop my own way of cooking. Basically I love every kind of food, and this blog is for everyone who loves Italian recipes, but also Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Mexican.. well I must say I just like to eat different type of cuisines as often as possible, because I get bored easily, and I want to show that, even if you work all day (I’m a web designer) you can still eat well and healthy.

I hope you will enjoy this blog, and participate! I’d be glad to answer any question!

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  • Joan Cortolillo

    I visited Sicily a few years ago and of course I had the granita. Do you have a recipe for chocolate granita?

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