Focaccia pugliese

What should I say about regional cuisine in Italy? well it could be a pretty endless discussion.. let’s just say that every little tiny village in Italy has its own recipes, its own ideas on how you should cook this or that recipes.. well actually this also happens from a family to another 😀 I know italians are pretty much into food. Sometimes it seems being able to cook something could be more important that any other thing. I must admit that in cooking I have found a way to sweep away anxiety and stress and relax completely. And when the results of my efforts are in a shape of a pizza or a focaccia like this, I really feel like I’m in heaven! This recipe is one of the many recipes you will find on how to make a focaccia pugliese (literally from Puglia). I hope you will try it and tell me if you like it!

A little advice, to prepare it by hands you should be a little expert in this kind of dough, otherwise it will take a long time and much effort. I think it’s much better ( easier and faster) if you have a food processor, or a stand mixer.