Healthy, easy everyday cooking 
for Mediterranean cuisine lovers

Simple ingredients, simple preparation and yet great food to enjoy!

This website is intended to introduce anyone to Italian and Mediterranean cooking, no pressure involved, cooking must be an enjoyable experience, if you worry too much I can assure you the results won’t be as good. I usually make amazing dishes when I cook casually, and had more disasters when too focused on the end results to impress my guests.

I would also like to teach you how to use leftovers, and also transform some bad results into new great recipes!!

Let’s get started now and learn how to cook healthy and delicious Italian recipes.


Learning the basics of the Mediterranean diet can help you add more fun into your everyday cooking without the worry of not being able to create extravagant dishes or to find impossibile ingredients.

Another key factor is to buy fresh, high quality ingredients, when cooking simple dishes the quality of the food you prepare is fundamental to achieve the great taste you want.

Try to buy the freshest, organic vegetables you can afford, and you will note the difference.