Bread and Pizza

All the recipes you need to make home made pizza and bread. Bread and pizza are a staple in every Italian kitchen and, even tough many people nowadays are not used to make it at home anymore, you will discover that it’s easy and fun and, most of all, the taste and nutritional value of home made bread and pizza is absolutely incomparable.

Lastest recipes
Focaccia recipe

Easy focaccia recipe

Want to learn an easy focaccia recipe you can make in no time? This easy focaccia recipe takes only a few minutes to prepare, you won’t need kitchen machines or

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Italian bruschetta

Italian bruschetta is the the perfect fast food When I think about something yummy, quick and easy to make I always think of a good old Italian bruschetta. The basic

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Focaccia pugliese

Pizza, focaccia, how many recipes do you think you can find in Italy? I bet hundreds! and they’re all amazing. Regional cuisine in Italy is a great deal. Focaccia recipe

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