Super simple Italian roasted bell peppers

This recipe is a must for the summer. When bell peppers are in season there’s nothing better that a sweet tender roasted bell pepper, a quick fix for a summer dinner or an “aperitivo”. These peppers are amazingly good, and very healthy. This recipe is really versatile and it’s perfect if you are one of those who like to plan ahead. Once you’ve got this done and ready in the fridge, you can whip up a dinner in no time!

If you have ever been to Sicily or in other southern regions in Italy during the summer, you have certainly experienced walking along the street and being wrapped up by the smell of roasted bell peppers. Mainly grown in the south, bell peppers are a staple for the mediterranean summer pretty much across all countries in southern Europe, be it Greece, Turkey, Italy or Spain.

How to use Italian roasted bell pepppers

While bell peppers can obviously be enjoyed in a lot of ways, this is a no brainer if you want to have something ready in the fridge that you can use to prepare a variety of dishes. You can eat this plain with sourdough bread and some cheese as an appetizer, you can whizz it in a blender and make a sauce for a pasta, a risotto or to spread on bread. You can use it as a side for meat and fish, or add it to salads or a fresh cous cous.

Health note

Bell peppers are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants like quercitin, capsanthin, lycopene, they also contain a substance called beta-cryptoxanthin, that in our body is turned into Vitamin A that helps also our bones. Bell peppers are a perfect addition to our diet, they are good for our brain health and prevent aging.

How to prepare Italian roasted bell peppers

This is quick and very very easy! no need to measure or to use special tools, you will only need a grill or a barbecue.


  • bell peppers
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • garlic
  • salt


Step 1
Turn on the grill in the oven

Step 2
Wash the bell peppers thoroughly and put them into a tray lined up with parchment paper, put the tray into the upper rack of the oven near the grill. Cut any piece of paper that goes to high on the sides, it could catch fire near the grill. If you are using a non stick tray or a glass one you can skip the parchment paper.

Step 3
Grill each side of the peppers until they become charred, it should take around 40min depending on the oven

Step 4
To easily remove the skin you can put the peppers into a paper bag and leave them to rest for 10 minutes or let them rest in the tray with the oven closed

Step 5
Once they’re slightly cooled down and you can handle them, remove the stems, skin and seeds

Step 6
Tear the flesh in to strips and put them into a jar or a glass container, season with a pinch of salt, extra virgin olive oil and a few slices of garlic.
They keep in the fridge for several days, from time to time stir them to mix the oil and seasoning.


You can add basil, oregano, rosemary, chili peppers or whatever you like with the flavor.


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