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  • Gnocchi recipe (potato dumplings)

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    Are you looking for a typical gnocchi recipe? Look no more! Gnocchi are a very traditional dish in Italy, usually made on Sunday or for holidays and special ...

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  • Roasted chicken stuffed with chestnuts

    Roast chicken stuffed with chestnuts

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    Who does not like roast chicken? Especially when it’s accompanied by crispy potatoes or a delicious filling. Besides christmas is near and this is the perfect time of ...

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  • Almond cookies

    Almond cookies

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    Want to know something new? I’ve got a really easy recipe to create some wonderful almond cookies ! I was looking for an easy recipe to ¬†prepare something ...

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  • Quick veggie gratin

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    Ok, by the time you will have finished reading this recipe, you will say, REALLY?!!? is it that easy?  You will just have to try this recipe. This ...

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Bell peppers cream risotto

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