Peach jam

Peaches Jam

In the morning I usually have breakfast with cappuccino, rusks and jam, and the jam I like the most is the peach jam. I must say that I’m not used to buy jams, because the ones you find in the grocery stores are too sugary and, moreover,  I can’t be sure how the fruits used were grown.

Some might say that preparing a jam is a long and painstaking process and that you have to spend half day cooking: I will prove you that it’s possible to make jams in less than an hour.
This way you can do it whenever you like, and you will have lot of healthy jam for months!

In many places fruits are grown with a lot of pesticides, so you better find out someone who grows them organically. If you can’t find organic fruit, then you better wash it carefully with the use of some baking soda, or peel it, because usually the pesticides accumulates in the peel.

This recipe is also low in sugar, so you can taste the true flavor of the fruit, you can use the same ingredients for apricots or plums.


  • 1kg peaches (organic is best)
  • 500gr caster sugar
  • 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract
  • 1 lemon (with skin so organic is best)


Step 1
Wash the peaches thoroughly, pit and cut them into cubes then put the pieces into a pot (you could use also your slow cooker). Prepare enough jars by washing them with boiling water and then rub the interior with some alcohol. You can also sterilize all jars in the oven, just wash them carefully then put them upside-down (without the lid) into the oven at 110° for at least 20min. Boil the lids for 15min to sanitize them as well.

Step 2
Squeeze the juice of the lemon and pour it in the pot with the peaches. Cut half of the skin into small pieces (including also a bit of the white part). Cut the other half (without the white) into strips or chop it finely. Add the peel to the pot.

Step 3
Add the sugar and vanilla into the pot with the fruit and cook on medium/low for about 30/40min, stirring occasionally.

Step 4
Pour the jam into the jars when still boiling, close the lid and put the jars upside down to create an airtight closure.


This jam keeps for a year when still closed, once opened you can keep it in the refrigerator up to 3 months.