Stuffed cherry tomatoes

This is a dish that represents perfectly the summer, it’s refreshing, very very mouthwatering and really easy, it takes a little time to prepare it though, but you can do it even the day before, so don’t worry, I assure you it’s really worth it, if you like the italian typical taste. You will also discover that is a super light, diet friendly dish.
Where I live, 30km north from Rome, the climate is quite perfect and even in early may you can have your dinner outside on the terrace, plus I’m very lucky because from spring to fall I can enjoy wonderful sunsets with a view on the old etruscan city of Cerveteri, it is really great!
This recipe is a perfect side dish for a barbecue, it goes well either with a steak, some sausages, and hamburger or with grilled fish.
I recommend to use only  cherry tomatoes, because their size balances the flavors of the filling with the taste of the tomatoes and also, it keeps them from breaking apart.
If you use bigger ones, you will need more filling and this can cover all the delicate flavors of the roasted tomatoes.
Now let’s prepare them together!